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Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Movement Union has been offering online classes to support our community.  The classes have taken off and become a daily rallying point for our city, province, and country. 


To join a class, simply show up on our Facebook Page  before the start of any scheduled class. 


Click on "Follow Live" and you'll immediately join in with your friends and neighbors for a LIVE workout led by Stuart Maskell.  


Can't make the scheduled start time?  No problem.  There are ALWAYS saved classes for you to click on and enjoy in our video library.


To make a contribution to your instructor, you will see their personal email address listed in the class title.  You can simply E-Transfer a payment!  How much?  It's up to you.  Most people pay $10 per class and pay for 10 classes at a time. 



9 AM Strength​ with Weights 


7:15 AM Power​ 

9 AM Gentle Movement 


No Classes


7:15 AM Power​ 

9 AM Pilates 


No Classes


9 AM Gentle Mix

A blend of Pilates and Yoga

Classes run by Stuart Maskell

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