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Owner & Head Personal Trainer

Stuart Maskell is a co-owner of The Movement Union. He has been coaching teams and motivating individuals for over 23 years and in that time has become a staple in the Ottawa, ON fitness scene.


Certified as an Exercise Therapist and working in a Physiotherapy environment for over 20 years, he has gained the knowledge necessary to bridge the gap between rehab and fitness. His talent for clear concise cueing helps him to paint a "movement picture" that is easy for all fitness levels to understand.


In his youth, Stuart spent countless hours rowing on the St. Lawrence River as a member of The Brockville Rowing Club.  Rowing and the fitness levels required to excel at the sport influenced him to dedicate his life to fitness and coaching.


In 2002 he built on his skills obtained from the rowing club weight room and began studying the work of Joseph Pilates. This was a dramatic shift in the way Stuart looked at the way humans move. 

In 2004 Stuart devised his own  Movement Method and began to teach it in group formats. To this date he has taught over 17,000 classes. He has coached at CSIS and RCMP, numerous Physiotherapy clinics, and has been trusted to work with several past US Ambassadors. He has worked with NHL athletes and Olympians from the sport of rowing, downhill skiing and equestrian.



Stuart Maskell
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