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Owner, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

Eduardo Avila, stands as a beacon in the health and fitness industry. With a rich foundation from his university studies in Lima, Peru, and Canada, Eduardo embarked on a transformative journey in 2003, seamlessly blending his passion for nutrition and fitness. His early career, dedicated to professional athletes and high-performance individuals, was marked by remarkable achievements, propelling his clients towards their goals with precision and care.

Eduardo's commitment extended beyond the athletic realm; he played a pivotal role in nutritional initiatives for underprivileged children in Lima, showcasing his dedication to societal well-being. In 2007, Eduardo's journey took him to Canada, where he continued to inspire and support diverse fitness enthusiasts. His unique training philosophy integrates comprehensive fitness elements tailored to individual needs, fostering unparalleled success across all skill levels.

Eduardo's commitment to health and wellness transcends the conventional, embodying a holistic approach that caters to individuals across all ages. At the heart of his methodology lies a profound dedication to enhancing the quality of life for his clients.
Eduardo skillfully integrates a series of functional movements into his training programs, specifically designed to boost the daily functionality and well-being. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that his clients not only achieve their fitness goals but also enjoy a significantly improved quality of life.

Through his work at Movement Union, Eduardo empowers these individuals to lead more active, independent, and fulfilling lives. His programs are meticulously crafted to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and overall mobility, addressing the unique challenges faced by the aging population. Eduardo's approach goes beyond physical training; it's a commitment to nurturing the well-being of every client.


Eduardo Avil
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