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Chris Presta

Personal Trainer - 14 Years of Experience

Growing up in rural Northern Ontario, Chris was into all sorts of sports and athletics. The faster and more physical contact the better.


Being active has always been a part of Chris's life. But when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, physical activity for him became more than just a recreational pastime. 


Today, Chris continues to enjoy all types of activities such as hiking and basketball. He relies on consistent exercise to support his pastimes.


Chris is excited every day to be able to teach others the benefits of exercise and to help them maintain and build strength and vitality that will support their hobbies and activities. He's a true believer in the message that it's never too late to gain control of your health and fitness. As well, that quality movement every day is absolutely integral to healthy aging and longevity.


Chris is a long-time kettlebell practitioner and has been taught by kettlebell pioneer Steve Maxwell as well as having obtained his RKC kettlebell instructor certificate. 


Chris has upgraded his skills yearly, acquiring certifications in many other training modalities including boxing and working with older adults.


This commitment to continuing education ensures he can apply the best methods for any individual based on their unique goals and needs.


Chris is currently accepting clients at Movement Union so please feel free to reach out.



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