COVID-19 Appointment Protocols 

The Ministry of Health & Long Term Care rescinded their Directive restricting allied health professionals physiotherapists and massage therapists from providing in-person assessment or treatment for non-essential health care needs, as long as all necessary precautions and protocols are in place to protect patients and therapy providers.

Safety remains the top priority for our staff and patients.  In order to proceed with appointments as safely as possible - we will be following these  procedures for your Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Fascial Stretch Therapy visits:

Booking a Physiotherapy or Massage Therapy appointment:


1.  Call, email or use our online booking program to set up an appointment.  

  • You will be called and provisionally screened for COVID19 exposure risk.

  • If screening results indicate a potential risk of exposure to COVID19 you may be asked to either 1) defer your session to a later date or 2) be reviewed by a medical professional to ascertain your risk/provide testing. 3) Consider a Telehealth Virtual Care appointment

Upon Your Arrival at the Clinic

1.  Please do not arrive early to your appointment. You must arrive alone, no visitors unless absolutely essential.  If you see another patient waiting in the doorway, please wait outside.

2. We ask that you wear a suitable face mask to your appointment. This mask will be worn for the duration of your appointment - you should only remove once you have left the clinic.

3. Wash your hands with the hand sanitizer provided at the front door. 


4. Wait at the front entrance for your therapist to greet you. Your therapist will once again ask you the COVID-19 Pre-Screening questions.

5. Your therapist will then bring you to the treatment room to start your session. 

6. If necessary, your therapist will book your followup session in the treatment room.

7. Payment for your session will occur via a link sent to your e-mail, with the receipt for submission to your insurer forwarded to you once payment has been received.  Your therapist will not be processing any payments at the front desk prior to you leaving the facility (to minimize any cross-contamination to that area).

8.  Please wash or sanitize your hands, and keep your mask on until you have left facility.  Always wash your hands before and after taking your mask off.

Your cooperation with this process is greatly appreciated.  The health, safety and overall well being of our clients and staff at Movement Union are paramount to us and we hope to transition to this new normal as seamlessly as possible.