Registered Physiotherapist

Brendan has been a physiotherapist since graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1998.  His diverse career has led him to practicing physiotherapy in multiple countries and an wide variety of both public and private practice environments. Along this path he has advanced his knowledge via a Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy from the University of Otago (New Zealand).  He is also a Certified Gunn IMS Practitioner (UBC) and a Sport Physiotherapy Canada Certificate holder.


In addition to his clinic-based work he has a longstanding interest in working in sport as a field-level therapist, including club rugby, soccer, box lacrosse, diving, hockey, and various other sporting events in Ottawa.  Currently he works with the Ottawa Beavers Banshees Rugby Football Club junior teams and provides coverage for the Ottawa region’s OPDL junior soccer games.  


His approach to addressing patient recovery is comprehensive and includes:

- deciphering complex biomechanical patterns

- integrating exercise conditioning science into rehabilitation

- taping techniques

- joint mobilization and manipulation

- advanced dry needling (IMS)

- soft tissue release, including cupping techniques


He divides his time between seeing private patients and working as an Advanced Practice Provider for The Ottawa Hospital’s ISAEC Rapid Access Clinic - Low Back Pain program.